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Hi, I’m Sebastian, founder of Yoga for BJJ

I created this course to make BJJ practitioners like you into role models in their gym, and ambassadors for smart movement.

Taking this course will unlock some of your dormant potential, and will give you the tools you need to share it with your training partners.

We take pride in our training courses and want to help you through your journey into becoming a fully certified Yoga for BJJ instructor.

Next Course Graduation

Begin working through the curriculum right away to be ready for the April course

April Course Dates

Attendance is on Zoom, make sure you have been through the classes and you have notes ready for them.

Saturday April 17 and Sunday April 18 

PST Time: 11:00 am - 3:00PM

GMT Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00PM

Saturday April 24 and Sunday April 25 

PST Time: 11:00 am - 3:00PM

GMT Time: 7:00 pm - 10:00PM

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Warm up the right way

Providing you with the skills to deliver a warm-up that is relevant to jiu-jitsu class, and will leave your teammates feeling prepared, energetic and wanting more.
Any newcomers will feel welcome after your warm-up and not wondering "why was I just running around in circles getting shouted at...and what is a shrimp?!"

Make People Feel Great

A lot of Jiu-Jitsu practitioners have old injuries we are sick of dealing with, we aren't all in our early 20's anymore and our bodies remind us of that.

That is where you come in, giving people confidence in their bodies and showing them how to use them correctly.

Thanks to you sharing your newfound knowledge of body awareness, coordination and injury prevention they will avoid taking more time off the mats.

You will be learning to teach something beneficial to your gym, changing the way people warmup and cooldown.

When people start attending your weekly Yoga for BJJ class you will be making a difference, keeping members and growing your academy because of it


Course Includes:

✅ A one year free subscription to

✅ Official Yoga For BJJ Rashguard

✅ Template video classes, and the details and principles behind them

✅ A structured and thorough course video curriculum

✅ Membership to the private Facebook group for Yoga for BJJ instructors, where we will share and learn from each other.

✅ Access to the course forever, including updated and newly added classes in the future

✅ Your name listed as an official teacher on

(requires a blue belt and a recorded video of yourself teaching the sequence to someone. If you are a white belt you are still able to qualify and be certified, once you get your blue belt you will be able to go on the website)


Prepared To Teach

Other trainings focuses on theory. This course is all about practical learning, and getting valuable experience from the very beginning.


Confident In Yourself

Utilizing the teachable video curriculum and zoom classes makes this training easy to follow and will help you build yourself up as a fully certified Yoga for BJJ instructor.


Full Of Knowledge

Learn skills that you will use for the rest of your life and inspire others to change their habits as well as their training experience and performance.

Zoom Graduation

When you are finished with the online curriculum you can sign up to graduate on out next live zoom graduation. We will post the dates above and you can choose to join for the practice teaching days then graduate at the end

Tulum 2022

Join in person Tulum, Mexico training 10-13th March 2022:

If you are interested in this live training you will need to book your stay in one of the rooms in the Yoga for BJJ villa where the course will be happening.

For more information on this and to make payment for your accommodation, please email [email protected]

To join the in-person training in march you will need to complete the online curriculum in your own time first. The course live dates will be for practice teaching, extra instruction, and Q & A's with Sebastian and the Yoga for BJJ team.

Click here to read all about it

Specialized coaching

After choosing our specialized coaching option you will be assigned one of the Yoga for BJJ team who will assist you on your way to graduating in your own time.

Our specialized coaching is currently closed but will be back in future!

*For those with limited time we have options available on specialised coaching please email [email protected] to enquire rates on that.