Yoga for BJJ level 1 Instructor Course Introduction

This course is genius, in that it is so simple.

Instead of a pre-made script, or a ton of different 'concepts', we made teaching yoga simple.

You do the classes, you practice teaching them in a friendly environment, and you quickly learn what will make you a great instructor.

What will I learn?

1.To teach the perfect warmup for Jiujitsu or any athletic sport.

2.To teach a full class, taking them through the whole spectrum of breath and movement.

3.How to lead a class effectively and relaxed, and how to make people feel good.

Thats it! Thats exactly enough to get started and teach with confidence. We show you what to teach and how you can teach it, without pretending or being anxious.

How it works:

1. Register for the course today

2. Complete the homework online in your own time, (practice to yoga pre-recorded yoga classes)

3. Keep an eye out for the next Zoom graduation dates and join us for live practice teaching and graduation via Zoom (it's really positive and you will all level up together!)

Message us for the dates of the next graduation!
(its 4 times per year, over 2 weekends, 4 hours per day.)

This course is closed for enrollment.

BJJ sucks

At least to 9 out of 10 new whitebelts that can't follow the class, and end up quitting!

Your Yoga will help them move and feel better, and get better at and enjoy BJJ faster. Your gym will love you for doing this.

I’m Sebastian, the founder

This course is for you if you have had a taste of how good Yoga feels, and want to share it with others.

Chat or Call us to share your dreams, we want to help you make them happen!

'What am I actually paying for?'

✅ 6 month free subscription to

✅ Video classes, and the principles behind them

✅ Access to teachers community

✅ 12+ hours of Practical teaching experience and Q&A over zoom

✅ A memorable experience that will change the way you communicate and teach anything

In the EU? Email [email protected] and we can sort that for you

This course is closed for enrollment.