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Welcome back!

You have practiced the level 1 warmup and full class for some time now, and have perhaps taught at your school or some other type of gym, and have racked up lots of something thats much more important than education:.......


With that experience, the time will/have come to discuss that experience, share it with others, and learn from theirs!

The level 2 YogaforBJJ course is another stepping stone in your career, and is made to deepen your practice and keep you ahead of your students by developing more skills and honing those you have.

How it works?

You know the drill.

1. Register for the course

2. Complete the homework

3. Join Stine and Sebastian Brosche for the first live graduation in years!

Graduation will be the 11-14th of July on the beautiful Obonjan Island in Croatia

This unforgettable experience is not to be missed. For more information and to reserve your spot, email [email protected]

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What You will learn

  • New warmup sequence,
    It's just as awesome as the first one, but it flows more and is more BJJ&wrestling oriented
  • Teach themed classes: hip flow, splits class and two more great calsses
  • Learn the cooldown and a full strech&relax class
  • Learn how to give hybrid Yoga/BJJ seminars, even as a blue belt and still be legit.

"Why do I need this?"

So that you evolve and improve as a teacher and yoga student.

Everything you learned in your first training is continuted and expanded on.

Without it, you will stagnate and not have much to share with your crowd and will grow tired of the same old same old yourself.

It'll be a refresher, and a deep dive into your own yoga practice, and how to share it.

Also, it is one step closer to becoming a fully fledged Yoga Coach one day!

Plus all the awesome people you will meet and share experiences with!