We have all experienced this.

You’re rolling and are totally immersed in the moment.
Your partner’s sweat is dripping onto your face - you can taste the salt of it.
The sweet smell of sweat, ammonia, and your partner’s unwashed rashguard penetrates your nostrils.
You are fully engaged, and deep inside you know that this is what you were always meant to do.

You are LIVING the BJJ experience!

Surely, nothing could go wrong...



“Are you alright?”
“Yeah, no, I think my knee is f*cked.”

maybe it went more like this…

“F*********ck, my shoulder!”

“Arghhhh, my neck!”

First it was your knee.

Then your shoulder and neck.

Next thing you know, you’re caught in a vicious cycle of injuries.

Barely being able to walk.

Waking up sore as hell.

And no amount of running in circles, jumping jacks, or pushups, seems to change the fact that you are…


Or perhaps you’ve seen this in one (or countless) of your teammates.

Coming in with their white belt, training for a year or two, falling in love with BJJ, when suddenly...


Their shoulder or knee gets injured and they are out.

That's one teammate, one BJJ dream, and one membership revenue OUT OF THE WINDOW.

Now look, I know what you're thinking…

“There is no way that you are holding the secret to NOT getting injured in BJJ.”

And I do have to preface this by saying I'm not some sort of God.

(Although, I am a bit of a magician as you will see later.)

Let me clarify:

If Gordon Ryan has an inside heel hook LOCKED on you, and he decides to crank it with all his force…

Nothing we can do there. You should've tapped earlier.

BUT, if you are a person who simply:

  • feels their body doesn't move as freely as it used to
  • is dealing with permanently tight hips back, hamstrings, and shoulders
  • wants to keep up with the young guns at the gym (and start beating them back)
  • wants their whole body to stop hurting all the time

And most importantly…

If you are a person who wants to save themselves AND their entire gym the suffering associated with the physical train-wreck that is Jiujitsu..

(As well as stop losing 1000s of $ in revenue per MONTH by people freezing their memberships and quitting your gym.)

Then listen up 'cause I have a freakin' jackpot to share with you here today.

"Who is this guy?"

My name is Sebastian Brosche, and I have collected in total 8 IBJJF World and European medals (4x gold).

My BJJ story started in 2007 when I was 23..

I had always been into martial arts:

I had done judo for 16 years before even getting to BJJ.

When I first tried BJJ, I immediately fell in love with it.

The gentleness, creativity, and freedom of it compared to judo...

I was hooked instantly.

But, as you and I both know, BJJ stops being gentle really quickly!

And after a few years of training, I got to the point where perhaps you
are now…

I was waking up with my whole body in pain, my back was in constant agony.

At one point, it got so bad, I had to lie on the floor and basically put my legs into a triangle…


Mind you, I had just won 2 IBJJF world championship gold medals!

My career was about to kick off, and I was going to destroy everyone in brown belt division!


I could not

I could not

hell, I could not even

My career was OVER before it had even started.

I had treated my body like a battering ram...

Cashing checks that my body did NOT have credit for...

And at last the chickens had come home to roost...


I had to quit BJJ for a year.

To try and find a way to heal my broken body...

To reclaim the youthful vigor I still had only a few years before...

And to save myself from the annihilation of BJJ...

And boy was I lucky...

'Cause I found a truly excellent activity that no one talks or knows about in BJJ.

And by engaging in it daily...

It allowed me to:
  • Get rid of all of the nagging pain throughout the workweek
  • Bulletproof my body against injuries (while saving 1000s of $ on physiotherapy)
  • Be overflowing with energy and enthusiasn like never before
  • And get a body which performs at MAXIMUM capacity without any mobility/flexibility restrictions

And you know what the craziest part is?

When I came back to the mats a year later...

(Mind you, I did ZERO jiujitsu training during that off-time...)

I smashed everyone.

The techniques I had only dreamt about doing suddenly started working...

My breathing got deeper, my cardio was indefatigable, my defense impenetrable and my submissions tighter...

And all my pain was GONE.

So what was that secret thing I discovered during my year off?

Well, truth be told, I cannot take all the credit here...

I couldn't have found it without help...

It was a lovely lady named Stine who let me in on this cheat code for BJJ.

(Who I am blessed to say is now my wife and mother of our 3 boys.)

It was her introduction to this simple but ridiculously powerful practice that saved my body, my BJJ career and my life.

It was...


I know what you’re thinking!

“Sebastian, I’ve tried yoga, I’ve been to live classes and done Yoga with Adriene and Daniel Rama…

I can't STAND that new age, holier-than-thou, chakra, woo-woo hippie NONSENSE.”

Trust me partner: I can't either.

I, too, am NOT a fan of the overly-spiritual, esoteric, chi-balls, bohemian elitist type of "yoga".

No disrespect to Adriene or Daniel Rama...

But I prefer direct results that are transferable to BJJ, like:

  • using body leverage instead of Hulk strength
  • being invigorated and happy to start training, instead of complaining for 30 minutes
  • getting the injury risk down to almost 0 % (unless rolling with psychos)
  • loving doing BJJ and being able to roll even with my grandchildren

And finally - spreading all of the above into my entire gym.

Creating a high-spirited, chilled out, positive and uplifting training environment for everyone!

So, if you’re anything like me...

And you want to save yourself and your gym from the BJJ wear & tear.

Then you’re gonna LOVE the secrets I’m about to reveal to you now…

Introducing: Yoga for BJJ

Yoga for BJJ Level 1 PLUS Level 2 Instructor Course Bundle

But before we go there, let's have Ffion Davies - the ADCC AND IBJJF WORLD champion tell you about the magic of Yoga for BJJ.

Now, for the first (and likely last) time EVER...

You can get our never-before-seen level 1 and level 2 Instructor Course bundle with a 55 % discount.

NOTE: This is a special Christmas-only deal, and we have set to only sell a limited amount of these bundles for exclusivity purposes. Right now, the stock is thinning out extremely quickly…

I will tell you exactly what kind of an INSANE value you are getting in this bundle, but let me first say this...
Many of the things you have been told about BJJ are unfortunately...


“Just roll more, and you’ll get better.”


How are you going to roll when you can barely get up from the bed and can't turn your neck?

“Just lift weights, and you won’t get injured.”

True, weightlifting can help prevent injuries...

But it can JUST as easily cause more of them if you do not know what you are doing.

Ask yourself this…
How many black belts that have trained over 25 years have you met that still spar daily while enjoying it?

Next to none?

Jiujitsu might be called the “gentle art”, but if you do it often, and you do it hard…

It becomes anything but that.

That is, if you do NOT do customized mobility, flexibility, and recovery training.

And that's exactly where our time-limited Yoga for BJJ Instructor Course bundle comes in to save you and your entire gym.

I did tell you I'm a magician, didn't I?

Wanna know how to do this?
Do you want to finally fulfill your dream of being able to do a handstand?
Or do you just need bulletproof and easy to implement warmup and cooldown routines your gym members will NEVER arrive late to?

You will learn how to do all of the above smoothly and without any hesitation.

And this is only a tiny taste of what we have prepared for you inside our Instructor course bundle.

(Btw, I can tell you that pose feels even better than it looks.)

“But Sebastian, even if you keep the chakra and chi balls stuff to a minimum, yoga is too different from BJJ....
Me and my team we need specific work for BJJ.”

Amazing point fellow BJJ player!

That's why we designed our Yoga&BJJ insider program with this exact point in mind...
We infused our yoga with movements mimicking lasso, backstep, guard pass...
We tailored the program to counteract the uneven load of BJJ...
Focusing on opening the hips, reversing your rounded shoulders, and giving your lower back the love it deserves...

We created a product which is designed to help you and your gym members - BJJ players:
  • free your body from the mobility issues that are plaguing it
  • fix your posture
  • skyrocket your cardiovascular ability (cardio taps will be deleted in your gym)
  • become more efficient, stronger and healthier
  • stay calm in high-pressure situations
  • roll without injuries and pains
  • and overall just be BETTER

This course will teach you all of the above AS WELL AS teaching you how to confidently pass on the learned skills onto your gym members.

I will now tell you WHO this course bundle is NOT for:

This bundle is NOT for you if you:
  • enjoy losing 1000s of $ PER MONTH in frozen memberships revenue
  • like having a DISEMPOWERED gym environment with a sad 10 % of the colored belts that COULD be there
  • love 50 % of your gym being CONSTANTLY injured and not present
  • enjoy yours and your teammates bodies' getting beat up and broken down to the point of quitting BJJ or a surgery (or BOTH)
If the above is true for you, please leave this website, I'm afraid we cannot help you.

Still here?

Good, let me now tell you who this course IS for.

Did you know that 90 % of white belts quit before graduation?

They call it the...


We prefer to use its real name...

"The white belt physical destruction leading to fatal mental exhaustion."

Doesn't roll off the tongue the same, does it?
Well, it sure as hell describes the situation more accurately...

How are you going to have a fun, competitive, and energetic gym environment...
when half the gym is constantly mopey from their pains and injuries (IF they are even present at the training)?

How are you going to build strong friendships and partnerships in your gym...
when nearly everyone leaves it after the first 1-2 years?

How are you going to build and skyrocket your BJJ business...
when the membership revenue drops 58 % in one month simply due to injuries?

Understand that right now...

Although you and your teammates love BJJ...

BJJ doesn't love you back.

Stop LOSING thousands of dollars on cancelled gym memberships.
Obtain an extra income source from these revolutionary classes being taught at your academy.

Will you let this cycle of pain, lost $, and broken dreams continue?

Anxiously anticipating the next injury.
Waiting for the next teammate to quit the sport.
Keeping these life-saving insider skills to yourself.

Or will you...

What you are getting in this bundle (for mere $699):

#1 - Yoga for BJJ Level 1 Instructor course (value of $907.50)

You will learn how to:

  • Teach the perfect warmup for BJJ or any athletic activity
  • Teach a full Yoga for BJJ class, providing your students with the vivifying benefits of movement and breath
  • Lead a class effortlessly and effectively, making people feel relaxed and good
  • Transform your academy completely, making people crave your classes

BONUS #1 - Yoga for BJJ Level 2 Instructor course (value of $603.79)

You will learn how to teach:

  • A new superb warmup sequence (this one even touches wrestling a little)
  • Yoga themed BJJ classes - opening up the hips, using splits in your sparring to unlock the topgame of your dreams and more!
  • A cooldown sequence and a full stretch & relax class
  • A FULL hybrid Yoga&BJJ seminar even as a BLUE BELT, keeping it 100 % LEGIT

BONUS #2 - BJJ "underground" instructionals (value of $93.17)

Here you will easily learn how to:

  • Cut through your opponent’s de la Riva like a meat cleava’
  • Implement the “Dirty Thirty” (I almost feel bad for your opponents...)
  • Enter my tailored Kimura Trap system

BONUS #3 - Yoga for BJJ free eBook (value of $9.90)

In this eBook, you will get quick & easy info on how to structure your Yoga for BJJ journey.

If you ever need help further structuring your journey, you can always contact us, and we guarantee that we will get to you back ASAP.

You are in total receiving $1614.36 in pure value.

That is a hefty 130.9 % increase in value for FREE!

This bundle is not available for purchase.


We know you really want this to work...

And that's why we give you a FREE 3-DAY TRIAL of our entire Instructor Course bundle.

Aren't sure if this is the right thing for you?

We are 100 % TRANSPARENT...

See for yourself why all of our clients can't recommend us enough.




Don't enjoy the product?

Aren't getting what you thought you would?

Shoot us a message here using the chat bubble, or on our IG (@yogaforbjj) and we will refund you your money.

We seriously doubt that you'll be disappointed, but we know a guarantee is a guarantee. ;)

This offer ends SOON.

This is a special Christmas offer and we will take it down forever once Christmas is over.

Once we reinstate the original offer of individual courses (not bundled), the price will be higher and will not be going down.

Let me do a quick rundown of what you are missing out on if you don't take action now:
  • Guidance from an IBJJF gold medalist on how to get rid of bodily aches and pains.
  • The solution to your mobility and flexibility issues that are holding you back in your BJJ and in life (and are making you feel old).
  • Almost instantly looking better and moving better in BJJ and life.
  • Lifting your BJJ game to an unprecedented level, opening yourself up to fun ways to make your game fresh and original again.
  • Feeling happier, healthier, and fuller of zest and vigour than ever before in your life.
  • Learning how to warm up and cool down.
  • Learning the "crazy" poses (handstand, splits...) you've always wanted to learn and getting respect from everyone at the gym.
  • Making the young guns jaws drop.
  • Utilizing leverage instead of Superman strength on the mats.
  • Breathing more efficiently and not gassing out so quickly.
  • Learning how to relax in high-stress situations (on & off the mats).
  • Becoming highly tenacious and injury-proof.
  • Being able to train BJJ more.
  • Being able to roll even with your grandkids.
  • Saving 1000s of $ on physiotherapy (not to mention potential surgeries).
  • Easily providing your gym members with the abovementioned benefits.
As well as:
  • Transforming your entire gym environment by making the members more happy and high-spirited.
  • Not losing 10000s of $ per year on frozen gym memberships.
  • Acquiring an additional stream of income by these special Yoga for BJJ classes being taught at your gym.
  • Getting more people into your BJJ gym (those coming from a yoga background).
  • Learning how to teach several warmup & cooldown classes (even implementing wrestling).
  • Learning how to teach hybrid Yoga & BJJ classes.
  • Learning how to teach Yoga flavored BJJ classes - skyrocketing everyone's top game.
  • Learning how to teach a full stretch & relax class (your teammates will love you for this one).
  • Learning the "Dirty Thirty" techniques.
  • Entering my own "Kimura Trap System".

This is just a few of the things that you are missing out on by not taking action.
There's more inside the programs - but I cannot tell you everything here, can I?
Check out the free trial and see for yourself...

So... You have three options right now.

#1 - For those who have no time for BS: Put your faith in us right now and get this never-going-to-be-repeated-ever-again deal immediately, saving yourself, your partners, and your business. We also offer payment plans - if you can't afford to pay the full price now, just shoot us a message by clicking on the red bubble and we'll come up with a solution for you.

#2 - For those who are extra-cautious: Experience our Instructor Courses first before commiting by signing up for a FREE TRIAL of them. You will be able to judge for yourself if they are the right solution for you in 100 % risk-free way.

#3 - For those who enjoy pain, lost $, and cranky knees: Walk away knowing that out there in the world exists a solution to all your BJJ-related pain, your gym members disempowered mood and your gym's revenue famine and that you don't know what it is.

The choice is yours.

If you have ANY questions, please hit that chat bubble, or DM us on instagram or email [email protected]!

We are awesome, super friendly BJJ fanatics just like you and will love to hear what your dreams, visions and needs are.