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Quick intro to the Level 1 course:

This course is that it is so simple.

Instead of a pre-made script, or a ton of different 'concepts', we made teaching yoga simple.

You do the classes, you practice teaching them in a friendly environment, and you quickly learn what will make you a great instructor (in not just yoga).

What will I learn?

  1. To teach the perfect warmup for Jiujitsu or any athletic sport.
  2. To teach a full class, taking them through the whole spectrum of breath and movement.
  3. How to lead a class effectively and relaxed, and how to make people feel good.

Thats it! Thats exactly enough to get started and teach with confidence.

We show you what to teach and how you can teach it, without pretending or being anxious.

Choose a Pricing Option

Pay Today: $750

Pay Monthly: 6 x $125

See something different?

Some areas add a fee, email [email protected] and we can fix that for you or sort another payment method

Contact us on WhatsApp

Choose a Pricing Option

'What am I actually paying for?'

✅ 6 month free subscription to our full yoga platform:

✅ Life time access to full curriculum

  • Yoga practices specifically for instructors
  • Posture breakdowns & variations
  • Lectures with concepts that will blow your socks off
  • Framework for effective warmup & cooldowns

✅ Be part off our exclusive Yoga For BJJ instructors group

✅ A memorable experience that will change the way you communicate and teach anything

✅ Opportunity for continuing education to further your learning

✅ And! More, message us if you have questions - we want to hear from you!